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Battery Suspects - Is This Your Spouse?

6 thoughts on “ Battery Suspects - Is This Your Spouse?

  1. Sep 24,  · Suspicions of infidelity can arise when your mate’s cell phone rings in the middle of the night. It was most likely a wrong number, but you can’t get the idea out of your head that it might be “someone else.” If you’ve been feeling suspicious of your partner.
  2. Oct 18,  · Is it wrong to check your spouses cell phone if you suspect he might be cheating? Also, more often than not, when you suspect your partner is cheating they 90% of the time are. Don't ever think your going mad. Keep an eye on unusual behaviour but whatever you do, don't follow him. If your spouse denied you sex for 3 years would you.
  3. If your spouse is cheating on you, the absolute last thing in the world that they want to do is talk about it with you. So when you introduce this topic in conversation, they may try to deflect.
  4. Nov 16,  · A change in sexual interest is another sign. You might assume there would be less interest, but actually sometimes a cheating spouse has a renewed interest in sex, period. The important thing to look for is a change. Similarly, your husband might talk a lot about a certain person at work.
  5. When your partner is getting attention and emotional reinforcement from someone else, he or she may start detaching from you, Hedger says. Your partner might stop discussing problems or bad days with you, but “he won’t show any outward signs of stress,” he explains.
  6. Apr 14,  · How do figure out if it's truly neglect you're feeling, or if your partner has found attention somewhere new? The signs your spouse is attracted to another person aren't .

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