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The Shits - The Shits / Disleksick - Junk Music

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  1. Definition of shits in the Idioms Dictionary. shits phrase. What does shits expression mean? junk; clutter. (Usually objectionable.) Clean up this shit and don’t let this place get so messy. 4. n. World and folk music at its best, with translations in English to boot--plus photos of guns.
  2. Note: This page may contain terms or definitions that are offensive or inappropriate for some readers. shit (shĭt) Vulgar Slang v. shit also shat (shăt), shit·ting, shits rock.snowstaffbarmaktilar.infoinfo To defecate. rock.snowstaffbarmaktilar.infoinfo 1. To defecate in (one's clothes or bed). 2. To tease or try to deceive. n. 1. Excrement. 2. The act or an instance of defecating. 3. shits Diarrhea. Used.
  3. Disleksick. London, Ontario. Manic Intense Noise Punk. Formed in late London, Ontario, Canada. Interested in playing fast and making noise. Contact us about.
  4. Nov 22,  · shits, the: [noun - uncountable] something displeasing. Not to be confused with " the shit ". This party is the shits. See more words with the same .
  5. It Shits!!! Lyrics: Tuck the phone in the crack of my sheets 'cause I'm not getting up today / Television down, turn the clock around 'cause you're not getting up today / We're gonna sleep late and.
  6. I get the shits when I drink too much coffee, so I tend to avoid it altogether. Something I ate has been giving me the shits all day. See also: shit. the shits. n. diarrhea. (Usually objectionable.) I can’t eat that stuff. It always gives me the shits. See also: shit.
  7. Split tape with The Shits by Disleksick, released 01 July 1. A Side Contribution 2. B Side Contribution Disleksick live at Call The Office, London Ontario 04/05/ Recorded straight to dictaphone. C46 tape limited to 12 copies. Andrew/James/David "JUNK MUSIC".
  8. We trawl through the London gig listings and pick the very best gigs for each week so you don’t have to. All presented in calendar format so it’s easy to navigate.
  9. Is a way of saying diarrhoea or violent rock.snowstaffbarmaktilar.infoinfo shits involves sitting on the toilet pan and basically shitting out your guts in liquid form. It's like pissing shit out your anus in other words. The shits is not a very pleasant experience unless your a complete shit loving wierdo who .
  10. the word shits can describe many feelings, activities,quality of a product or object, people, and ofcourse bodily happenings. here is a couple. 1. Shits(temper)-to be ticked of, substantially annoyed etc 2. Shits(activities) partaking in some activities can be said to be shits eg boring or rock.snowstaffbarmaktilar.infoinfo do not usually volunteer for these activities.

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